Consulting – 4 reasons you must see a professional before doing a factory reset

Every mobile phone comes with the option of factory reset which is essentially meant to give you an opportunity to reset your phone to the default factory settings that it came with. Whereas different people will have different reasons to use this option, it’s generally advisable for a phone owner to consider consulting a professional before they can go ahead and use this option because there are a number of things that can go wrong as a result of a factory reset.

In this article we are going to look at 4 reasons you must see a professional before doing a factory reset.

1 To avoid losing all your valuable data

Generally, when you activate the factory reset button, there are a number of prompts that you will have to follow therefore it’s important for you to understand what they actually mean. One of those prompts is the option to back up your data on the cloud based storage option that the particular mobile phone you are using offers. If you are non-tech savvy and you don’t understand what these prompts mean for you, you may end up losing all your valuable data. This is why consulting a professional will come in handy.

2 To avoid irreversibly damaging your smartphone

In addition to backing up your phone, it’s always very important to have your phone at full charge because the factory reset process tends to consume significant juice and you can’t afford your phone going off midway through a reset because it may end up getting irreversibly damaged and rendered useless. A professional will be better placed to explain to you the repercussions of your phone running out of power midway through a reset, which include damage to the phones firmware.

3 To avoid weakening the functionality of your phone

As a rule, a factory reset is something that you shouldn’t do more than once in a year if you intend for your phone to serve you well. The more times you do it, the weaker your phone gets in terms of its functionality as both the Ram and ROM will eventually get damaged from frequent resets.

4 To avoid affecting your phones battery life

Just as for Ram and ROM, the more times you factory reset your phone, the weaker your battery becomes and this is especially worse for phones with inbuilt batteries. Therefore, for you to ensure the longevity of your phone’s battery you must avoid the temptation to frequently factory reset your phone.

It’s therefore a good idea to consult a professional who knows much about phones to guide you on how and even when to factory reset your phone.

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