HR – 4 tips that every mobile phone sales staff need to know

Having the right sales team who can conduct successful sales pitches and convert customers is more a HR function than it is a sales and marketing function because it’s the former that is charged with recruiting the right people for the company. It’s therefore a good idea for the HR department to focus on training of the sales team and prepare them for the possible challenges they are going to face when they encounter customers both tech savvy and non-tech savvy.

In this article we are going to share with you 4 tips that your mobile phone sales team will greatly benefit from especially when dealing with non-tech savvy customers.

Tip 1: Differentiating iOS from android

It’s always a difficult thing explaining technology to a non-tech savvy person and this can at times make it difficult to close a sale. Therefore when asked to differentiate between iOS and android, the simple layman difference you can give is that the former is easier to use whereas the latter offers you more choice, you can then explain the small nitty-gritties.

Tip 2: Explaining why certain phones are expensive

Flagship phones will always be expensive because of the investment companies make to release phones that truly stand out in the market. However, when you encounter a not-tech savvy customer who wants to know why the phone is expensive, avoid getting into this debate by asking them what their budget is a giving them alternatives with equally good specs. It’s a good idea to advise the customer not to spend more than they need to spend on a phone.

Tip 3: How to choose the right screen size

It’s always a good thing when a customer gets a perfect screen size for their phone because this determines how easy or difficult it will be to use the phone. Therefore when you encounter a customer looking for advice on screen size, always let them know that it’s down to the size of their hands. The logic about having a mobile device is for you to be able to operate it one handed therefore the right screen size for a customer is that which will allow them to comfortably operate the phone with one hand.

Tip 4: How to decide on the right display

Most no-tech savvy phone users will not be able to differentiate between phone displays therefore the best advice you can give them is not to focus on the resolution the phone claims to have but rather on the quality of the colors as well as brightness that the display allows for. These are what will determine usability especially when outdoors and quality of videos and pictures that the user will see. So generally, AMOLED panels will outdo LCD panels.

With such simple non-technical explanations, the sales team will find it much easier to close sales as it makes technology easier to understand.

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