5 amazing qualities in smartphones in 2018

As competition among mobile phone manufacturers intensifies so does the innovation that has resulted in really amazing smartphones with superior qualities. Honestly, it’s the consumer who is winning in this battle to dominate the smartphone industry.

In this article, we are going to briefly look at the 5 amazing qualities in smartphones in 2018.

1 They have sufficient protection

Mobile phone manufacturers have taken in consumer feedback over the years and have developed smartphones that have adequate protection to meet consumer needs. Most smartphone models that have been released by reputable manufacturers guarantee resistance to natural elements such as water, dust and shock, and have cases that are scratch proof, among other protective features. This ensures that phones retain their aesthetic appeal longer than they used to.

2 Better screen defense

In addition to increasing protection to the body, a lot of innovation has been directed towards screen defense. This means that smartphones currently getting into the market from big mobile phone manufacturers have screens that are resistant to scratching, and will not easily get damaged when the phone is dropped, which is a very common occurrence.

3 They are highly customizable

Most smartphone owners enjoy the freedom of customizing their devices to suit their personality and other needs and this has created a clamor for phones that are allow more customization. This is a request that most major manufacturers have listened to and incorporated in their devices. The user interfaces in these devices are much friendlier and allow for easier customization.

4 They are more affordable

As more competition increases and more and more mobile phone manufacturers emerge, consumers get to benefit from a drop in smartphone prices without having to worry about compromised features. Smartphones today are therefore more affordable, and as it’s very possible to find a smart phone for almost any price point.

5 They have excellent designs

As manufacturers work towards getting their phones to stand out, there has been a lot of investment in aesthetics just as much as in functionality. Smartphones hitting the market today are very vibrant in colors, as well as in the material used to make the casing, not to mention the sleek designs. The smartphones are designed in a way that they appear more classy and expensive than they actually are.

If you have been thinking about upgrading your smartphone for a while now, then 2018 may be the year for you to finally do it.

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