These are the 6 features every good smartphone must have

Smartphone tend to promise so many features and actually deliver on them however, as amazing as some of these features may be, we often don’t really need many of them save for a few critical ones. Through this article, we are going to highlight 6 features that every good smartphone must have.

1 A long battery life

All the amazing features that a smartphone promises will actually be useless if the phone can’t stay on long enough for you to enjoy them. A long battery life is therefore one of the most critical features that a good smartphone must have.

2 Very fast processing

Just like a long battery life, speed is also a critical feature in any good smartphone. With the amazing functionalities and apps that these phones come with, it would be very frustrating experiencing lags or sluggishness in your phone when trying to access them. A good smartphone should be able to access all its amazing features with good speed.

3 Really good display

The beauty about smartphones is that they extend their functionality beyond communication and enable entertainment too. This therefore means that they need to have really good displays so that the user can get to enjoy any media they access using their phones whether it’s photos, videos or games.

4 A really good camera

Thanks to smartphones, people today don’t have to walk around with bulky cameras to document their escapades as most of these phones have decent camera. What sets a good smartphone apart from other devices is the quality of its camera which should essentially be able to give you solid images or videos under varying lighting conditions.

5 Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC is one of the most vital features in good smartphones today especially as people need to exchange data between their devices more and more. This not only enables fast, secure and easy transfer of data such as photos and music between friends, it also comes in handy when making payments at different stores or restaurants.

6 Ample storage space

Any good smartphone must come with ample storage space and this is a no brainer. With better quality pictures, ability to install software and apps with good graphics and so on, comes the need for a big enough storage to handle these demands. A good smartphone should therefore have ample storage as well as a provision for expandable memory.

When in the market for a good smartphone, be sure to prioritize these features and don’t get to distracted with the other attractive features as the above are the most critical during your day to day usage of the smartphone.

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