This is how you know your mobile phone needs a factory reset

In our previous post we handled the topic of restoring your phone to its default factory settings and mainly highlighted the likely things that can go wrong should you restore your phone improperly or make a habit of it. Because factory resets are at times inevitable, we’ll use this article to discuss the indicators you will get that will determine whether your phone needs a factory reset. It’s however important to note that there must be a combination of at least two of these factors in order to warrant a reset.

This is how you know your mobile phone needs a factory reset.

When you keep experiencing lagging on your screen

The very first indicator that your phone may have a problem is when you begin experiencing some lagging on its screen. This will present itself in terms of frequent sluggishness, freezing or stuttering. Generally, a well-functioning phone must never experience such problems. However, before you take any drastic action, you must first ensure that the problem isn’t being cause by one particular widget or app on your screen.

When you keep experiencing force closes

Another indicator that your phone may have a problem is when you start experiencing frequent force closes when in the middle of using your apps. If this is a problem experienced when using one particular app then it’s a good idea to deal with that individual app because it may have some conflicts with other apps or your entire system. However, if the problem is rampant with other apps as well then it’s an indication that your phone may need a reset.

When your apps are slow to launch

Generally, when you have a good phone with a good processor and good speed, you should expect your apps to always launch pretty fast. However, when you begin noticing slow launches on a number of apps in your phone then its and indication of a bigger problem with your phone. This is an indication that it may be time to use the factory reset option.

When you battery starts draining too fast

This is a much trickier sign to watch out for because there are many reasons why you may experience very fast battery drain. You must therefore ensure that your battery is not being caused to drain by obvious reasons such as apps running on the background, notifications, and graphics, and so on.

When you notice two or more of these signs happening more frequently then it’s a clear indication that it’s time your phone got a much needed factory reset.

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